Lanta’s Eastern Islands

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Price: Shared tour price is 1500B PP. 
Pickup time: 900AM
Drop off time: 500PM
Food available: Yes, vegetarian available
Beer: Available on request


Escape from the crowds and bask in the local scenery, unrivalled in it’s beauty. Discover the unspoiled islands of Ko Nui, Ko Por, Ko Bubu and Ko Kum. We “thread the eye” of the karsts formations of Ko Talabeng and search for crab eating monkeys clinging to the rocks. Take a longer trip and enjoy the tranquility of the peaceful mangrove forests and Klong (river) in Saladan – Bird-watchers will be in paradise! Arrange your trip for the afternoon, and drink in the view of a picture-perfect sunset from one of eastern Lanta’s deserted islands. 

Year-round.  No Park fee’s!

We require a minimum of 6 guests to make a tour. Contact us if you wish a private tour.

TIMES SUBJECT TO CHANGE, We sometime leave very early to beat the crowds.